CocaDee works with design, quality and comfort as a starting point for the production of dance shoes.  CocaDee started producing dance shoes in 2013.

Design: CocaDee dance shoes are designed in Scandinavia, adapted to Scandinavian customers’ style and style history. A design that is simple, practical and classic.

Quality: CocaDee has been working specifically to create a product that puts good quality and good hand crafts in focus. CocaDee has selected the best leathers and suedes for the production of CocaDee shoes. The shoes are primarily made in goat skin combined with various beautifully impregnated suede foils. The shoes are all handmade.

Comfort:  CocaDee dance shoes have a wide comfortable fit. The shoes have a shock absorbing support in the soles. The closure is a band that supports the ankel. The heels are selected based on knowledge of, which heels provide the best support and comfort while, at the same time keep looking great at the dance floor.

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